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La Puisssance et la Grandeur de Dieu

2dayzmedia MKS 569700 September 3, 2016

  • Colony Of Mars (Original Mix)

    Andy Mart

  • Fire (Original Mix)

    Andy Mart, Robbie, Keyla Rouge


The instrumentation and rhythms found in “Access Denied” are inventive and refreshing. This can be highlighted by the use of a syncopated cowbell over a 4/4 groove in the middle of the track. The cowbell is unexpected, as is the syncopation, and the execution is perfect. It’s a great track, and has drawn comparisons to the 2010 era dubstep releases from the likes of High Rankin and Flux Pavilion.

The final track of Fire FX is one named after the EP itself – “Fire“. Much like the rest of the tracks, after a couple of repetitions of the opening riff, it explodes with energy. An offbeat drum makes you nod your head up and down whilst a harsh synth sound causes you to screw your face up like ‘oh man, this is good’.